Give your kid’s room a Smurf décor

Kid's room decor, home decor ideasThe Smurfs are little mythical characters that are very popular among the kids. They have been a part of our childhood through the books, cartoons and nowadays, they are also made into movies. The theme can be a very creative and imaginative way of ding the décor of your kid’s room. The first and the most important thing that you have to consider is the spirit of the Smurfs.

They are little positive minded gnome like creatures and their spirits are never down. They live in grasslands with beautiful landscape. Therefore, you need to incorporate the natural look in order to give a feeling of a natural Smurf habitat. You can achieve that by murals and wall papers. Another important element is mushroom for they Smurfs live inside them. You can get mushroom like play tents in the hobby stores. Finally, you must get the mini models of the Smurfs and place them at different corners of the room.

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